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Steel Cut Oats – Without the Wait

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You can’t beat Steel Cut Oats with brown sugar in the morning, but with a cooking time of approximately 35 minutes, they are a pain to make – until now. I found this shortcut recently and now eat them almost every weekday morning.

Before you go to bed, drop the amount you want in boiling water, then turn off the stove and let sit overnight, covered. The next morning, they should be mostly cooked through. Turn on the heat again and cook for about 5-8 minutes longer, then they’re done. I usually turn the stove on and make coffee right before I hop in the shower, so both are ready when I’m out and dressed.

Remember steel cut oats are about 4-1 ratio wet to dry. I will usually eat 2 cups in the morning, which means I put about 1/2 cup dry with 2 cups of water (see pictures).

I buy them for $1/pound at a store in Kensington Market, Toronto, and most grocery stores will have them as well.

Steel cut oats also work nicely with some fruit mixed in, like bananas or berries.

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One thought on “Steel Cut Oats – Without the Wait

  1. I love oatmeal, will definitely try this recipe.

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