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Ettabelle’s Spareribs

A few years ago we moved my Grandma from her house in Goderich, Ontario, into a retirement home in London close to my parent’s house. When it came time to clean out her home, I naturally called dibs on all of her cookbooks (not sure how happy she was about parting with those actually). I now have about twenty of these on my bookshelf, with some of them as much as fifty years old.

The other day I picked up “A Continual Feast,” a compilation of recipes put together in 1981 from the ladies of the local church, my Grandma included. She has about a dozen recipes in there with her name next to them, and one of them are these spareribs.

These are really easy to make; brown the ribs in some oil in a skillet for a few minutes and then transfer to a baking dish with the sauce for about an hour and a half at 350. I actually just had a saute pan with a lid (All Clad, it’s awesome use it all the time), and just used that and it worked fine. Also, I used convection baking and they were cooked perfectly in an hour.

The lemon and the vinegar are a nice contrast to the sweetness from the “catsup” and the brown sugar, also I left out the water but only because I forgot it. The end result was quite nice. Two thumbs up. I’ll comb through the book and post some other recipes that I liked.