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DJ Jayro Soup Development Team: Week Twelve – Beets, Rhymes, and Life

Dear Soup Development Team,

Fashion designer Issac Mizrahi gave an interesting talk that was recently posted on the website. While discussing creativity, he said, “A lot of my design ideas come from mistakes and tricks of the eye.” As someone who makes about a dozen or so rather large mistakes daily, this comment really hit home.

The first few times I tried cooking with beets, I wasn’t having much luck. I was going to give up on them entirely when, a few months ago, I had absent-mindedly left three beets simmering on the stove in water while walking through my neighborhood, and when I came back they had been on for well over an hour. After cooling them down, I took the skin off, sliced them up and drizzled a little oil on them, and they tasted perfect. They just needed to be heated through for a longer time. I now cook with beets frequently, and have experimented a number of times making a soup out of them. Simple works better here.

Beets, Rhymes, and Life

(serves four)

Put 3 tbsp of olive oil into a sauce pan on medium heat

Add the following, sweating for about 5 minutes

1 spanish onion, chopped
4 cloves of garlic, chopped

Then add, for another 5 minutes:

6 beets, peeled and chopped

Add and cook for 30 minutes, bringing to a boil and then simmer:

2 cups of beef stock (if you are actually going to make this from scratch email me and I’ll give you a great recipe)
salt and pepper to taste

Add contents, in batches, to a food processor or blender, then put entire product back into soup pan, heating through again and salt and pepper to taste

Serve with a fancy swirl of sour cream or heavy cream if you have some

Soup in the News

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Campbell’s Soup is going to stop using MSG in their soups. MSG makes food taste way better, but some people have bad reactions. Story here.


“made from scratch”

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