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Extension to Tim Ferriss' 3-Minute Breakfast

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Extension to Tim Ferriss’ 3-Minute ‘Slow Carb’ Breakfast

Tim Ferriss’ 3-Minute ‘Slow Carb’ Breakfast has served me well for a long time. It’s usually my go-to when I want a quick bite in the morning, with my other choice being a bowl of steel-cut oats. If you haven’t yet, you can find a description and video of it here.

Like anything in life, the same thing over and over gets boring, so here are a few easy modifications, keeping in the spirit of making it quick and relatively healthy. It should still take about 3 minutes or less.

Egg Whites w/Paul Newman Mango Salsa, Baked Beans and Beets

You can prepare beets ahead of time by boiling them, cutting them up and putting them in tupperware, and then eating as needed. You can also buy them jarred and pickled. I prefer the former but will usually keep a jar on hand for when I’m lazy. I personally don’t heat them, but I don’t see why you couldn’t.

Baked beans are a good source of protein, fibre, iron and calcium, and the tomato sauce in canned beans is a decent source of lycopene. I will usually eat half a can of baked beans, but you can eat whatever amount you want, maybe even a 1/4 can or less if you’re a girl or want to control your portions. The downside to canned baked beans is that they are pretty high in sodium, so if you have hypertension or too much of your diet comes from canned stuff already, you might want to limit yourself here and take the time to buy them dry and cook them yourself in batches. Any type works.

Of course, the salsa can be substituted for any kind. I’m a big fan of the Paul Newman salsas, there are three or four of them, and make a nice alternative to the cheaper el-Paso type ones that are kind of runny and flavourless in comparison. You can also try your hand at making your own salsa.

Extension to Tim Ferriss' 3-Minute Breakfast

Egg Whites, Salsa, Baked Beans and Beets

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