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Easy Pulled Pork in a Slow Cooker

Pulled pork is so versatile that it may as well be considered a condiment. Pulled pork savory crepes. Pulled pork omelets. Pulled pork wraps. Pulled pork on rye. The list is endless. And for the price of a single sandwich at a typical restaurant, you can make enough to feed your friends, and then freeze the rest for a rainy day.

Easy Pulled Pork in a Slow Cooker

Part 1

Thinly slice two medium or one large onion and line them along the bottom of a slow cooker. Then place the pork shoulder on top, add two cups of water, and cook on low overnight, about 8-10 hours on low. You could also do 4-5 hours on high. You’ll have to time this so it’s convenient for you.

Part 2

Remove the shoulder from the pot, and then use a fork to pull the meat apart. Remove the water from the pot, saving the onion. Place the chopped pork, the onions, and a jar of your favourite BBQ sauce and mix together. Then cook on low for another hour or so. You’ll have to watch this somewhat frequently so you don’t dry out the meat. Don’t go more than a couple hours.

Lately I’ve been making pulled pork with Korean bbq paste, which you can get at any Asian grocery store and is pretty tasty.

That’s it, pretty easy.

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